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Deploying Inline Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) with Bypass Switches

As a network professional, you rely on your instrumentation tools to maintain network security, performance and availability. To achieve these goals, organizations use Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) that monitor and actively intervene they detect malicious traffic and threats.

Manage Network Downtime and Points of Failure when Deploying Inline Tools

When deploying inline IPS or IDS monitoring tools, it is important to understand how they may introduce a potential failure point in your network. If the device needs to be taken offline at any time for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance; or if it loses power or becomes non-responsive due to oversubscription or excessive load, the network link will be broken and network traffic will cease to flow. IPSs are designed for maximum reliability, with features such as redundant configurability, link down synchronization, and hardware watchdogs. However, any internal fail-open capability is susceptible to the failure of the IPS device itself. Utilizing a Net Optics Bypass Switch provides an external and independent solution to maintain network uptime.