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Optimizing Cisco ASA / FirePOWER Upgrades

Minimize downtime during security upgrades with an Ixia bypass switch

Maintenance windows are precious. When it comes time to upgrade your ASA to a dedicated FirePOWER appliance, Ixia can help you minimize the time spent configuring a resilient path for FirePOWER upgrades. Installing an Ixia external bypass switch takes only about 4 minutes since it is already preconfigured for Cisco. Using the bypass switch in tap mode, traffic can still flow in your live network while also being replicated to the FirePOWER IPS. Once your IPS is configured, tested, and ready for deployment, it can be easily placed inline with no further network disruption. A typical IPS install can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. The benefit to network downtime from using an external bypass becomes significant when you have dozens of IPS upgrades.